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Imagine the clarity from resolving past & present traumas, addictions, and karma... Free to be your Authentic self and live a fulfilled and happy life.


  • Q & A during a free 30 min telephone or Zoom video call.

  • Ready to have a conversation with your higher self?

How Can Holistic Health Help You?

Are you ready to step forward in life with greater awareness and deep understanding of your life events - past and present? Unlock the imagination, overcome fear, and break through the barriers with our many offerings to include Breathwork Classes, Group Channeling, Group Regression,

Tarot Classes, Crystals Classes, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®).

Find Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

Overcome Fear

Understand Your True Purpose

Reduce Stress

Connect with Your Higher Self

Learn Who You Truly Are

QHHT Benefits
The Holistic Health & Healing Center of Largo

"Fear is the strongest emotion that a human has. We have to let go of that so that we can move into a new direction."

~ Dolores Cannon


The Holistic Health & Healing Center of Largo

"Exciting day today! I experienced Quantum Healing Hypnosis. I was nervous as the thought of being hypnotized sounds scary, right? However, I am open-minded - I trusted Brian and went for it. It wasn’t like “look into my eyes and count to 5 (lol) - the session was about 3 hours, got into a deep relaxation in a nice and calm atmosphere in his studio. I was able to find answers to my questions already in the first session. I arrived there with a migraine and left relaxed and with no pain (I had been fighting the pain for a week.) I’ve had migraines for 17 years and am still relaxed now - feels amazing!!


Highly recommend and encourage you to try - you can thank me later. It’s great for anxiety, pain, all types of issues from relationships to anger to trust issues. Your brain will answer all for you and Brian takes care for you to have all the comfort for a great experience and he values your trust. It’s just amazing how it works and I am glad I tried it out."

~ Nina G. 

~ Tammy L. / Feb 2021 / Ruskin, FL

~ Amy D. / Jan 2022 / Daytona, FL

The Holistic Health & Healing Center of Largo


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