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  • Did you ever wonder why some people seem to have an easy path in life, while others constantly struggle?
  • Have you ever asked why some people seem to have lots of luck while others can't catch a break?
  • Why is it some people achieve goals and accomplish big things while others strive without results?
  • Is there a mindset and method to creating the reality we desire and hope for?
  • Does the Universe respond to our thoughts and vibration delivering the situations we experience?

Mentagenesis: Free Your Mind To Create Your Future is a fun and inspirational examination of the many detrimental thought patterns that precipitate failure and the powerful states of mind that lead to success. We discover how we can break free from limiting indoctrination and control systems to partner with the Universe and create positive outcomes.

In addition to presenting the consciousness expanding concepts necessary to renew our minds and supercharge our creative thought energy, this labor of love also contains many practical methods to transform one's everyday experience and manifest an abundant future!

Mentagenesis: Free Your Mind To Create Your Future is a journey of mental and spiritual alignment with Infinite Source and our intrinsic power to shape and generate reality!


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